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Assisting K-20 Administrators through Expert Education and Consulting

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Plan, Prepare, Protect Swift Action Saves Lives

We empower school leaders and their communities with the tools to proactively plan, prepare, and safeguard against school violence through tailored implementation of comprehensive security measures that reduces risk.

A staggering 70% of school shootings are over in five minutes or less. The average police response time is 7-10 minutes. Teachers, support staff, and Administrators ARE THE FIRST RESPONDERS when incidents of school violence occur.

Taking a human-centric approach to school safety, we provide school personnel with the education, tools, and training to protect their community.

Your Safety Matters to Us


Each day, schools prioritize the well-being of the approximately 55 million students. By having comprehensive plans in place, schools can mitigate the impact of school violence and emergencies to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all. 

Comprehensive Safety Measures Preparedness Is Key


To effectively handle emergencies, we help schools customize a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), Incident Command Structure (ICS), and Parent Reunification system that will work for their community and budget. These plans provide clear guidelines and protocols to ensure a coordinated effort among school officials, first responders, and parents.

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Competence Through Confidence: Equipping Your Staff


Our commitment to safety extends to the professional development of your staff. Through ongoing training and practicing options-based drills, such as lockdown and active shooter scenarios, we equip your team members with the knowledge and skills they need to respond effectively in times of crisis.

*These drills are conducted in a trauma-informed manner, minimizing anxiety while creating muscle memory for quick and confident actions during actual incidents.*

Your Trusted Safety Partners Collaborating for Enhanced Security

Rocky Mountain Consulting can offer you a full suite of school safety and security services. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention to the specific needs of your school, while maintaining compliance with state and federal mandates.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Training: Assisting your school in establishing a behavioral threat assessment team, policies and procedures, and effective implementation of equitable threat assessment.

  • Physical Threat Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying areas of risk and implementing measures to enhance security.

  • Review/Author Emergency Operations Plan (EOP): Developing comprehensive, all-hazard, plans tailored to your school's specific needs.

  • Review/Author Incident Command Structure (ICS): Establishing a clear chain of command and coordinated response during emergencies.

  • Review/Author Parent Reunification System: Streamlining the process of reuniting students with their parents in a safe and organized manner.

  • Staff Training and Development: Equipping your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a safe environment for your students.

  • Trauma-Informed Options-Based Drilling: Conducting drills that prepare staff and students for emergencies while considering the well-being and minimizing anxiety.

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Wendy was absolutely amazing! Throughout the entire process she was communicative and professional. She is a dynamic presenter who helped us jumpstart our school's culture and dig deep into professional learning communities over the course of our two-day retreat. 

Wendy was personable, kind, and clear. I liked the way she delivered the content we talked about today.

This talk helped me identify and align the values of our organization so that we can implement actionable steps to create sustainable and systemic organizational change

Wendy helped us break down topics into manageable (actionable!) chunks and it felt like we really did something. First PD in a very, very long time that the staff felt happy about and engaged.

Reflective and insightful presentation. It was nice to hear opinions and input of other members of the staff, facilitated by Wendy in a respectful manner.

Wendy was very informative, inspirational, and effective speaker.

Wendy was a fantastic speaker! Professional but engaging, she gave us a lot of ideas to work collaboratively.

This two-day retreat can be summed up in one word—therapeutic. Thank you, Wendy.