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Educational Consultant For creating motivated teams and sustainable schools

Culture, climate, proper onboarding, investment in professional development, and recognition matter in the workplace. Human capital is critical, and the levers that affect retention are often easier to integrate than leaders believe. A recent study conducted by the National Education Association found that 55% of educators were seriously considering leaving the profession, up from 37% just six months earlier. The Great Resignation has hit education, leaving staffing shortages in its wake. Investing in staff and creating a dynamic culture is crucial in today’s educational landscape.


Wendy Davison has spent the last 22 years supporting leaders, teachers, staff, and students in an effort to build dynamic cultures that drive outcomes. With experience in both K-12 and postsecondary education, Wendy has a firm grasp on the issues facing school leaders today. As a former teacher and principal, as well as a university judicial officer and housing official, she can speak to sustainable practices that will elevate workplace satisfaction, bolster productivity, and give teachers the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. Besides earning a Bachelor of Science in secondary education and a Master of Education: in Student Affairs, Wendy is also certified by the state of Arizona as a College Access Professional, Dyslexia Designee, and Human Trafficking trainer.




Wendy was absolutely amazing! Throughout the entire process she was communicative and professional. She is a dynamic presenter who helped us jumpstart our school's culture and dig deep into professional learning communities over the course of our two-day retreat. 

Wendy was personable, kind, and clear. I liked the way she delivered the content we talked about today.

This talk helped me identify and align the values of our organization so that we can implement actionable steps to create sustainable and systemic organizational change

Wendy helped us break down topics into manageable (actionable!) chunks and it felt like we really did something. First PD in a very, very long time that the staff felt happy about and engaged.

Reflective and insightful presentation. It was nice to hear opinions and input of other members of the staff, facilitated by Wendy in a respectful manner.

Wendy was very informative, inspirational, and effective speaker.

Wendy was a fantastic speaker! Professional but engaging, she gave us a lot of ideas to work collaboratively.

This two-day retreat can be summed up in one word—therapeutic. Thank you, Wendy.