Safety Partners: Protecting Schools Together

Working Hand-in-Hand for a Secure School Environment

We understand the importance of collaboration when it comes to school safety and security. That's why we have partnered with leading experts in prevention and real-time communication technology to help schools with the complete package.


Brave Up!

Detect, Prevent, and Predict Incidents of Microaggressions, Bullying, and Cyberbullying

Brave Up! helps K-12 schools detect, predict, and prevent cases of microaggressions, bullying, and cyberbullying through innovative technology. Prevention through intervention can only be accomplished when school officials are aware a problem exists. Student generated surveys produce sociogram data to help administrators, counselors, and teachers be proactive in their approach.

Brave Up! Mode also provides a reporting mechanism for students, parents, and staff to alert school officials to intimidation, harassment, bullying, or threatening/concerning behavior which satisfies Arizona Revised Statute 15-341 (36)(A), as well as the statutes in many other states.


Real-Time Emergency Communication

When an emergency is happening in your school, Share911 makes everything more efficient, starting with the ability to issue emergency alerts and urgent messages, and view real-time reports of danger, injured, and missing persons all from a single source of truth. The interface is also linked to local 911 dispatchers, so help will be on the way.

Share911 is a permissions based, completely customizable platform that integrates with many student information systems.